Quality Builders of Granny Flats in Brisbane

Granny Flats are ideal as an additional, functional extension of your home and a quick way to construct space to create an extra room for the growing kids, a man-cave, an art studio, a home office or just a place to relax. You name it, a granny flat could be the solution you are looking for!

Granny flats are the perfect way to extend your home’s space for a huge variety of purposes including the following:

Home Office
In today’s modern, crazy, busy world where more and more people are choosing to work from home, trying to find a space that is separate to our hectic day to day living can be increasingly difficult to find. Creating an office in an auxiliary dwelling, attached to the house, gives that separation from work and home life, whilst allowing you the benefit of still working from home, but in a professional environment. We can create an office in your auxiliary dwelling complete with high-speed internet, wired for all modern conveniences and air conditioned as though you were in an office in the city.

Building Auxiliary Dwellings for Seniors
Do you have someone in your life who may be needing some help but who’s fiercely independent? Is it time to make some tough decisions but you’re worried about the spiraling costs associated with aged care which can be quite frightening? You want to keep them close so you know they’re doing well. That’s okay, we have a solution! Build them a purpose-built auxiliary dwelling (granny flat) in the rear of your existing property where you get to look out for your aging loved ones.

Can’t Get Rid of the Kids?
With the increasing cost of living today, it’s become more and more difficult to get rid of the kids and become a long-awaited empty-nester. They’re old enough where you should be able to get your life and your space back but unfortunately you just can’t get them out of the house. They may even want to leave but can’t afford to. This creates a rather frustrating dilemma for many parents … what can you do with your adult children? One possible solution is to create an auxiliary dwelling. This will give your adult children their freedom and independence, whilst cutting down the cost of living and supporting them whilst they may be at university. These dwellings can also be created with their own kitchen, laundry and bathroom which, by doing so, means that they are completely independent, and their washing is no longer your responsibility

New granny flats
Our auxiliary dwellings (granny
flats) for seniors can be
specifically created with:
grab rails in bathrooms
no step entry into bathrooms
ramped access in through the doorway
All of these options are available to
facilitate an easy life for seniors as they
graduate into their golden years. Call us today
to discuss the granny flat options for your aging
family member.

Persons with Disabilities and Potentially Supported Disability Accommodation

With the changes that were put into place in Brisbane from 1st July 2018 and the changes that have been rolled out through other regions, the NDIS has brought many different changes along with it. Some of those changes may be the ability for people to be cared for within their own home environment.

The construction of a purpose-built dwelling for somebody with a disability so they can continue to be in their familiar surrounds, close to their parents, family, carers or loved-ones can be very beneficial and soothing to those people. The advantage and the cost benefit of building an auxiliary dwelling purpose-built for somebody with high needs is that these designs can be modified quite easily, and the changes implemented during construction. The construction costs associated with building something new are far cheaper than the costs associated with trying to retrofit, modify or renovate existing spaces that were never constructed with somebody with a disability in mind in the first instance.

For ease of mobility, depending on the person’s requirements, it will depend on the solutions as each individual is different and each of these people, together with their coordinator, will determine what their needs, wants and requirements are and we are more than happy to sit down and discuss a suitable installation plan and design to assist somebody with that transition including some of the following options:

* Ramps
* Wider doorways
* Wider hallways
* Turning circles
* Disabled access bathrooms
* Wider beds, grab rails & overhead rails

We are always happy to chat and explore the broad range of options open to you. Book a free consultation with Collaborate Construction today and see what’s possible. You’ll be amazed at our broad range of ideas to transform your home. Call us today!


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