Rooming Accommodation Brisbane

Maximise Your Property’s Potential for Rooming Accommodation in Brisbane

What is Rooming Accommodation in Brisbane?

Rooming accommodation in Brisbane is a residential property that rents out rooms to groups of three or more persons on a commercial basis. However, only properties that are 30 meters and up in terms of height are eligible for such proprietorship. This measure allows people to have their own personal space, whether it’s a queen-sized bed, en-suite, kitchenette and more.

Rooming Accommodation Brisbane
Rooming Accommodation Brisbane

Usually, tenants have the right to occupy one part of the house so they can have the freedom to be comfortable and lounge around. Within this space, tenants are the sole occupant. This means that they have a lease for that space but can also have access to a shared common laundry, kitchen, garage and even extra storage. Our team takes any location in Brisbane that can accommodate up to five people. With our highest standards and keen attention to detail, we ensure to complete your room accommodation that people will find hard to leave.

What Our Rooming Accommodation Builders in Brisbane Offer

Despite the continuous growth of competitors in rooming accommodation in Brisbane, Collaborate Construction remains unrivalled. This is all because of our integrity, consistency, and adherence to safety standards. Our team does not just build architecturally designed properties, but also establishes valuable relationships. Knowing that each project is unique, we strive hard to develop and execute personalised plans for you.

Rooming Accommodation Brisbane
Rooming Accommodation Brisbane

Aside from that, we also hold the following core values in high esteem with every project we take on:

  1. Safety is Our Priority
    Before becoming builders, we are also homeowners. For this reason, we take safety cautions seriously. We work hard to ensure we finish the job right using the right tools the first time.
  2. Collaborative Approach
    We will bring you on board with us, as we enjoy working with the client as much as they’d like to.
  3. We Take Accountability
    Our team does not overpromise and takes responsibility for every project we undertake.

Contact us for your rooming accommodation project in Brisbane and turn your negatively geared property into a positive one.

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